When aggregating data, all data may be used in the aggregation, but if you want only specific grouping, use the _________ specification.

  • Filter specification
  • Sort specification
  • Group by specification
  • Select specification
Explanation: When you want to summarize or analyze large amounts of data, you can use a technique called "aggregation". Aggregation involves grouping data together based on certain criteria, such as date or location, and then calculating summary statistics like averages or totals for each group.
When you perform aggregation, you have the option to include all of the data in the calculation, or to only include specific subsets of the data based on certain criteria. This is where "specification" comes in.
If you want to group the data in a specific way, such as by age range or geographic region, you would use a specification to tell the aggregation tool which data to include in each group. This allows you to focus your analysis on the specific information you are interested in, rather than analyzing all of the data at once.
Overall, the use of specifications in aggregation allows for more focused and targeted analysis of large datasets, enabling researchers and analysts to draw more meaningful insights and conclusions from their data.

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