Who is the father of math?

Father of math:

Humans have been fascinated by and challenged by mathematics for thousands of years. Mathematicians from all around the world have made significant contributions to the science, from Ancient Egypt to Greece and from India to the present. Who, however, may be referred to as the "father of mathematics?" Surprise of surprises, nobody is the solution.
Numerous cultures and civilizations have contributed to the development of mathematics throughout history. For instance, the people of Ancient Egypt acquired a highly developed understanding of mathematics, geometry, and notation. By applying mathematical ideas in their daily lives, they also produced significant advancements in surveying and architecture.

Another advanced culture where mathematics flourished was ancient Greece. One of this period's most well-known mathematicians, Pythagoras, made significant advances to number theory and geometry. The idea that numbers may be employed to describe the natural world is frequently attributed to him as the first.

The important book "Elements," by another Greek mathematician named Euclid, was utilized for centuries as a textbook and is still in use today. The essential ideas of mathematics, such as geometry, number theory, and mathematical proofs, are presented in this literature.

And, of course, we can't forget Archimedes. Considered one of the greatest mathematicians of ancient times, Archimedes made significant contributions to the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering. His work continues to be studied and revered to this day. Some source refer to him as father of math.

While these mathematicians, along with many others, made important contributions to the field of mathematics, there is no one person who can be considered the "father of mathematics." The subject has been shaped by the collective efforts of countless individuals and cultures over thousands of years. The title of "father of mathematics" is therefore a subjective matter, and there is no universally accepted answer.

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