Which menu do you choose to create header?

  • format, header and footer
  • View, footer
  • Insert, header and footer
  • view, header and footer (in Word 2003)

Insert, header and footer

By using the "Insert" option in Microsoft Word and choosing "Header and Footer," we may add a footer to a document. By doing so, the header and footer sections at the top and bottom of the page will be made available for us to put text, page numbers, or any other content we want to appear there.

The "Format" menu's options, such as those for altering the font, adding borders, and adjusting paragraph alignment, can be used to format the footer after it has been added. Simply double-click outside of the header or footer box or hit the "Esc" key to get out of the editing mode for the header and footer.
Which menu do you choose to create header?
Adding Header and Footer from menu

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