Which menu do you choose to create footer?

  • format, header and footer
  • View, footer
  • Insert, header and footer
  • view, header and footer (in Word 2003)

Insert, header and footer

By choosing "Header and Footer" from the "Insert" menu in Microsoft Word, we may add a footer to a document. By doing so, we can access the header and footer areas at the top and bottom of the page, respectively, where we may add text, page numbers, and other stuff for the footer.

Once the footer has been added, we may format it with the help of the tools in the "Format" menu by altering the font, adding borders, or tweaking the alignment of the paragraphs. Simply double-click somewhere outside of the header or footer area or hit the "Esc" key to get out of the header and footer editing mode.
Which menu do you choose to create footer?
Adding Header and Footer from menu

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