MS Word is an example of

  • Application Software
  • Compiler
  • Operating System
  • System Software

Application Software

Application software, usually referred to as end-user programmes, are computer applications intended to assist users in carrying out particular activities. They are the kind of software that the majority of users work with every day. One word processing programme that enables users to create, edit, and format text-based documents is Microsoft Word. Web browsers, music players, email clients, and spreadsheet tools are some further examples of application software.


Using a high-level programming language as the source, a compiler transforms the code into machine code that can be run by a computer. By converting human-readable code into a format that computers can comprehend and execute, it plays an important part in the development of software.

Operating Systems

A computer's hardware and software resources are managed and controlled by an operating system (OS), a category of system software. It offers services including memory management, file management, and input/output management, as well as the fundamental foundation needed to execute other application programmes. The operating systems Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows are a few examples.

System Software

The programmes that govern and control the computer hardware and other application software are referred to as system software. System software also comprises firmware, utilities, and device drivers in addition to operating systems. These programmes are in charge of carrying out low-level activities and give other software applications the essential framework to function.

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