Which of the following can NOT be used to create parallel style column?

  • Format Tabs
  • Table Insert Table
  • Insert Textbox
  • Format Column

Insert Textbox

cannot be used to create parallel style columns. Using the "Insert Textbox" function in word processing software, we can add a unique, separate text container to the page. Text and images that are not part of the main document content can be displayed in this container, which can be freely positioned and resized.

However, "Insert Textbox" does not offer the same level of control over column layout as tools like "Format Tabs" or "Table Insert Table" do because it is not intended expressly for the creation of parallel style columns. We can normally utilize a feature like "Format Tabs" or "Table Insert Table" which explicitly provide tools for altering the arrangement and look of columns within a document, to generate parallel style columns in a word processing document.

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